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Day of Gracious Living

On May 13, 1974 the bells of Stetson Chapel rang in the first “Day of Gracious Living” at Kalamazoo College, one of the 100 oldest colleges and universities in the United States. In a tradition that continues at my alma mater until today, classes are cancelled and students enjoy an unannounced day off during one of the busiest periods of the academic year.

Then and now, in the sloth of the Day of Gracious Living, important lessons are learned. Once in a while it’s a good idea to take a step back from the busy fray of (work)life to reflect on where you are heading, how far you’ve come and what your next steps will be.

So, on this 40th anniversary of the Day of Gracious Living – after 25 years of putting all that I have learned at Kalamazoo College to work in a successful career – I am taking that step back to enjoy a year of gracious living. Thanks to my partner’s company assignment to Tokyo, I embark on a sabbatical in Japan.

As hard work and exploration are in my DNA, the months ahead will be far from lazy. While taking a break from my digital media and consulting career at Project Lounge, you can continue to follow me on, an initiative I started with the international art exhibition LIGHT BREAKS last year in Basel, Switzerland. Besides exploring Japan, I will organize a number of exhibitions and events in the art world – a vocation as important and rewarding as any other I have pursued.

I look forward to continuing my profession with new goals and ideas in 2016. Until then, it’s time for a bit of gracious living.