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One of the best experiences I have had in the technology and media space is working with incredibly talented programmers, editors, content creators and project managers around the world. I’ve not only experienced the thrill of working across borders and in foreign languages, I’ve learned how to build bridges of communication. In the IT business, crossing the divide between the technical and non-technical can be a daunting task. Content management systems, media asset management tools and the constant drumbeat of digital innovation sometimes makes it seem like it’s all about technology. In reality, though, it’s about the people who use it.

Returning to New York after 25 years abroad, the founders of Tickaroo – makers of technology for professional reporters and communicators – invited me to share my passion and help them bring Tickaroo’s cutting-edge products to the US. With Tickaroo, publishers can easily collaborate, curate and publish live news, sports or events without the hassle of other content management systems. It’s truly WYSIWYG. Tickaroo’s spirit is rooted in competitive sports and I am delighted to be a part of their winning team.

All Business is Local

January 1, 2013


True to the motto “thing globally, act locally,” Andrew transitioned from a global to a uniquely local focus at Deutsche Telekom’s internet subsidiary, T-Online. Leveraging a cross-cultural background and fluency in German, Andrew successfully negotiated with leading newspaper publishers in Germany to create a nationwide network of local internet portals at a time when digital media was only just beginning to take hold in 2000-2001. In collaboration with, which continues today as one of Germany’s leading digital information providers, the platform became a frontrunner of digital advertising and e-commerce activities in Germany.