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After 20 years with leading telecommunications, IT and media companies, I have decided to leverage my experience as an independent consultant. Since cross-functional cooperation and networking is key to any digital enterprise, the Project Lounge will provide consulting services in collaboration with experts and specialists across a number of disciplines. Our network of consulting and interim management services will address areas key to the success of any digital business:

  • strategy & business development
  • product marketing
  • project management
  • cross-platform channel management (web, mobile, video)
  • usability / user-experience
  • content sourcing
  • management of interdisciplinary teams

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TV Reality

January 1, 2013

sat1 Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.10.58 PM

Following successes at SPORT1, Andrew Luedders accepted a new challenge to manage the network of digital entertainment properties of German television broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1. From and to, and, each property presented unique challenges. Working closely with the programming departments of the tv network, Andrew oversaw multiple teams of digital media experts and interfaced with technology, marketing and sales experts within the company. The reality of TV is that making things look great on screen takes real ingenuity and invisible hard work behind the scenes. As with TV shows, some digital properties succeed, while others fail, regardless of the time and effort put into them.  Top ratings for The Voice of Germany and the relaunch of prove that nothing motivates more than success. Harmonization of legacy platforms and business analytics, introduction of responsive design for optimized mobile performance and the development of innovative new applications for social TV were just a few of the initiatives happening “behind the scenes”.

Faced with an opportunity to pursue new challenges abroad, Andrew left Germany after 20 years in the digital media arena to begin a new career as an independent digital media consultant in Switzerland and Asia.

Going for Gold

January 1, 2013

 Sport1b Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.15.22 AM

In an increasingly fast-paced and competitive digital media arena, Andrew Luedders accepted the call in 2007 by Germany’s number one sports website to head up efforts to relaunch the digital offering of As Director, Products & Development at Constantin Medien AG, Andrew and his team of software developers, editors, digital marketing and sales experts expanded the video offering and introduced new mobile apps and social media initiatives to the 3 million customers visiting its website some 30 million times each month. Through their focus on user experience, SEO and continuing innovation, Andrew and his team were able to maintain Sport1’s leadership position.

iptv1 iptv2

With the further expansion of Deutsche Telekom’s nationwide xDSL network, Andrew Luedders was tasked with the creation of a next generation entertainment platform. Following the successful trials in 2004, Andrew led a team of digital experts to introduce a full range of IPTV services in 2005-2006. Working closely with designers, software developers and content providers, Andrew worked with Microsoft to create the largest IPTV project in Europe and second largest worldwide featuring over 160 TV / HDTV channels, 1500 VOD films, advanced PVR functionality, secure parental controls, a user-friendly program guide and many other new features.

Content is King

January 1, 2013

TOVision  vod

During the rapid expansion of broadband internet access in Germany in 2002, Andrew Luedders was asked to spearhead a new initiative to provide digital content for customers with high-speed internet access. The forward looking project – aptly called T-Online Vision – showcased new applications and content, from music videos, games, news and sports to Germany’s first interactive movie “Jack Point Jack”, marking T-Online’s debut as a film distributor along side MTV and RTL. The broadband portal introduced digital paid-content to the German market and integrated new technologies such as games-on-demand in cooperation with other innovative global technology companies such as exent. The successful showcase became a pre-cursor to T-Online’s introduction of video on demand and IPTV trials in 2003-2004.

All Business is Local

January 1, 2013


True to the motto “thing globally, act locally,” Andrew transitioned from a global to a uniquely local focus at Deutsche Telekom’s internet subsidiary, T-Online. Leveraging a cross-cultural background and fluency in German, Andrew successfully negotiated with leading newspaper publishers in Germany to create a nationwide network of local internet portals at a time when digital media was only just beginning to take hold in 2000-2001. In collaboration with, which continues today as one of Germany’s leading digital information providers, the platform became a frontrunner of digital advertising and e-commerce activities in Germany.

Think Global

January 1, 2013


Before creating Project Lounge Consulting, Andrew Luedders worked with leading companies in the telecommunications and digital media space. Between 1994 and 1999, Andrew worked in various positions at Deutsche Telekom, including as assistant director of international strategy and business development.

As Vice President and Director of Global Partnerships, Andrew was instrumental in establishing and managing the global alliance between Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Sprint. In this role, he supervised and guided joint business development activities between the three telecommunications companies in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The alliance was dissolved when the companies refocused their international strategies and Deutsche Telekom considered a European alliance with Telecom Italia.

Commerce Germany

January 1, 2013

AmCham Germany

As Manager of Trade and Investment Policy, Andrew Luedders began his career in 1991 at the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany. From public relations and press conferences to managing the transatlantic policy debates important to American and German companies, Andrew supported German and American companies engaged in international business. As policy advocate, he took on issues small and large, from drivers license regulations for American expats to the future of “Standort Deutschland”. In 1992 Andrew initiated Business Barometer, an annual survey of American companies in Germany regarding business prospects and general conditions in Germany as a business location. Since 2004 the survey is conducted in cooperation between the AmCham Germany and leading international consulting firms. With the reform of the telecommunications landscape in Europe and opening up of new opportunities, Andrew left the American Chamber of Commerce in 1994 to pursue a career in digital communications.