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Go Gowanus…and now you?

October 15, 2018

Did you know that Brooklyn would be the 4th largest city in the United States (if it weren’t already part of the largest U.S. city?


Among the many hallmarks of Brooklyn is a thriving artist community and some 700 art and cultural institutions. No wonder that Brooklyn is home to the New York Foundation for the Arts and a number of open studio events from Arts in Bushwick to Greenpoint Open Studios.

Over 300 artist will be participating in this year’s Arts Gowanus Open Studios 2018. An interested group of collectors, in cooperation with Project Art Lounge, will be touring some of them on Sunday, October 21st.

It doesn’t take a city of the size of Brooklyn to support a thriving artist community. Social media and a group of local artists are enough to serve as a catalyst to get the party started. Even towns without an active gallery scene are getting into the business. The trend to open studios and pop-up events is quickly spreading to towns across the country. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use digital marketing to build your artist community, join us at one of the art events scheduled on¬†or contact us below:




Version 2

Japan prides itself on being a country of tradition and modernity and Tokyo leads the way. With the elegance of France, technical prowess of Germany and a deep sense of its own historical significance, the world’s largest metropole is home to over 13 million people. Despite the hustle and bustle of the crowds, bright lights and towering skyscrapers, Tokyo is also a place of quiet creativity and reflection. No where else in the world do millions of passersby move so orderly and peacefully. It was the perfect place for Project Art Lounge to introduce the works of German artist, Silvia Sinha, whose conceptual interest in the transformation of urban landscapes is intertwined with an almost Japanese aesthetic. At the doorstep of the Shibuya train station – one of the busiest in the world – Andrew Luedders curated a photography exhibition at the Hikarie 8/ Creative Showcase. The exhibition Water Abstracts was held in late November 2015, following a premier exhibition of Sinha and two other international artists in Basel, Switzerland in 2013. Beginning in 2016, Project Art Lounge moves to the New York area as it continues to connect artists from around the world and empowering them both digitally and in the real world.


October 22, 2013

As promised, Project Lounge has reached out to the artist community and the feedback has been very positive. The need for artists and galleries to review and plan their digital activities is growing in importance. But because art lives from real world interaction, we have created Project Art Lounge, a digital media space for artists to engage with art enthusiasts. To kick things off, Project Art Lounge is presenting an exhibition with three international artists in Basel, Switzerland. For more information, please visit